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Bringing clinical ideas and concepts alive through education
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The health and function of a treatment center begins with helping the helper.  I have created and implemented training, education, and support services that allow treatment professionals to think critically about the clients they serve.  Focus is placed on preventing burnout, understanding internal and systemic phenomenon, and making role-appropriate interventions.  Some areas I cover include:


  • Law and ethics

  • Transference and countertransference

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Understanding primitive states of mind

  • Self-care and compassion fatigue 

Contact me to schedule a bespoke training for your facility.  


I am a Certified MCLE Provider (Approved Provider #18607) and my presentation satisfies the Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Hour.  I find that these presentations are most effective when they are both engaging and convenient.  Contact me to arrange discuss your needs and arrange a seminar.

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